As you've probably come to realize, our first products are three nutrition bars: 2 energy bars and one protein bar. Yes, first products. This is how we start. This might seem a bit lackluster - do we really need another cereal bar, another protein bar?

Honestly, probably not. But to understand why we did it and how it's about more than 3 energy bars, we will share our vision for strjve with you and how we plan to get there:

We want to be a one stop shop - the one stop shop, for fair, sustainable and real nutrition needs; Fully certified for competitive use, clean products with traceable ingredients throughout the whole value chain, delivered right to your doorstep, customized for you based on data and development done with real professional athletes. Basically, we want to build a community of athletes and enthusiasts that constantly improves itself and our products.

But we won't get there immediately - new concepts, new products and a lot more is already being prepared behind the scenes but we're doing this practically: one step after another. One product, one athlete, one bar at a time. We'd rather have a small but passionate community and a few products we're developing and improving together, than a huge portfolio that we need to sell to you.

And that is why we start this way: We chose 3 bars that can be taken and can be eaten anywhere, by anyone and we deliberately chose athletes who are awesome at what they do, are great human beings and who represent interesting athletic niches that are chronically underserved.

And we invite you to come and become a member, help us build out our products, give us feedback and together we will continuously improve each product and each aspect of our brand. Members don't pay shipping, get 10% off of everything and get to be a part of product development: that means free products we are developing each month, and we ask you for your feedback during that process so we can make them better and create the products you want.

Initially, we will price the membership at 7€. The membership program will launch this April. It is designed in a way that you save money if you buy even one mix box of bars (21 pieces) and that's without the free products you'll get on top. And we plan to build our services all around this membership. Again, we want to build a strong community and this is how we start.

About the free products: Sometimes, you will get products early in the development stage. That means they are not fully formed, designed and at times, you'll get packaging that won't look like the finished product at all. Sometimes you'll get products that will look and taste weird. But you'll be there from the start and we want to design our products together. We'll ask for your input with each order (which you don't have to give, that's up to you). But that's exactly why it won't be free: You have our commitment that we will make the best products possible for our community and in return, we want your commitment.

And one more thing:

We believe in transparency. That's why we will clearly communicate on each product what exactly is inside and how much of the money you spend is given directly to an athlete. Money is divided between athletes. If you want to support an athlete specifically, buy their signature product and 50% of the money goes directly to that athlete. For now, the only signature product you can buy is Max's bar (part of the mix bundle) but we plan to release more in the next months.

We're stoked to have you here, enjoy the ride.