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get to know

the athletes

Who they are, what they're about. What they're good at and why you should care.

Max Mey

MTB Slopestyle

Nico von Lerchenfeld


Alex Aulbach


Marc Busch


How it actually works

Supporting athletes with every product sold

It's that easy. With each and every product you buy, a set amount of money goes directly to an athlete chasing after what they love.

What we do

With every product you buy

We believe that sharing is caring. And we care a lot. We're pretty much the care bears of great products. That being said, the profits get shared between the athletes. If you want to support an athlete specifically, buy their signature products - they get 50% of the amount you support them with.

That's good to know. But regarding the amount -

How much, exactly?

Look for this section on the products (you can't miss it, we are proud of this so we will through it in your face whenever we can). It tells you exactly with how much money you are supporting an athete.

made in germany

and made by us

Nearly all ingredients are sourced and made into awesome products by us. We're based in germany and we love doing stuff ourselves. It's a lot of work and not always easy but we wouldn't have it any other way. Like the athletes, we believe in ourselves and we love. what. we. do.

all natural (that means vegan)

We try to find the best ingredients and bring them together in products as natural, functional and tasty as possible. We believe clean products should have as few ingredients as possible

we believe in


All the information you could ever want to know about a product - right on the front of the packaging. No turning around looking for a lable: Nutritional Values & Ingredients are where they belong - for you to see.

nutrition that is

Full value

All natural nutrition with ingredients you can actually pronounce. And since you don't want to be turning your food around to read tiny labels we put all ingredients right on the front of your products, where you can read them immediately.

proud to be

self made

That's why we are fascinated by athletes and all people who go after what they love. They are just like us - they started. They kept showing up. They got better and just didn't stop. They inspire us and we want to support them with your help.

Community Feedback

Pretty good. (really)

That heavy duty energy bar is ridiculously good.

Anyone who's ever had one.



All over the EU! If you're not living in a country in the EU, let us know! If enough people want our product from your country or region, we will listen and we will find a way to serve you. For now though, only EU.

It depends on where you are: For German citizens 3-5 business days. for other EU countries, add 1-2 days.

work with us

If you're an athlete and want to be part of our team, first off: thank you for your interest! Secondly, please fill out the form here and we will get back to you.

You want to stock our products? That's great to hear. You can reach us here: business@strjve.com

We will get back to you within 24h.


Absolutely! You don't have to be a member or buy the mixed box at all. We're simply starting this way. As soon as preorders are shipped you can buy the regular products through our store.

Shoot us an email. We will get back to you within 24 hours: team@strjve.com