To our loyal supporters: we are reworking all products except:

"The one" bar to rule all others

And everything else?..Gets a rework!

Basically, we're doubling down on what works

Hey there, folks! It’s Andy speaking for the secret Strjve R&D-Team here to talk to you about our products.

We've made some big decisions over here at Strjve, all in the name of giving you the best damn nutrition products you’ve ever tasted. We've streamlined our processes and decided to focus on our best-selling energy bar (and that is Max’s @maxmey) while working hard to rework all of our other products.

That means, we will be selling only one product until the rework is done...We know, we'll miss our other products, but trust us, this is all to make them even better.

The brand that loves you so much, it makes you buy from our friends

Yes, you read that right; while we are busy reworking, you can support us by grabbing our best-selling energy bar through ecoterra’s store. We know it's not quite the same as shopping on our own site, but you know what they say: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder...of our irresistible, freakishly good natural products”. Also, by buying through ecoterra’s store, you get to support not one, but two businesses at the same time. It’s like multitasking, but for your wallet.

We made these choices to honor our core belief to never settle, to always strive to improve the status quo and make awesome products for our customers. And trust us, this energy bar is pretty damn awesome.

While we're working on rebuilding our site, take a moment to learn about our company values, the amazing athletes we work with, and our 3-step plan for this year:

1. finding and developing the best vegan protein powder

2. creating more healthy snacks

3. super-convenient meal substitutes - all made with as few and as natural ingredients as possible.

Ok, that was the plan.

Remember, we're always striving to improve and to make awesome products for you. So bear with us as we rebuild from the ground up. We promise it'll be worth the wait.

Thanks for sticking with us on this journey, folks. Let's make some magic together!

xoxo Andy

Welcome to the Bruce-Letter

The Bi-Monthly lightning fast roundhouse kick of company news, actual useful nutrition information and also your guaranteed 50% off (yes - that’s half price) personalized code for your first order after the rework.

get to know

the athletes

Who they are, what they're about. What they're good at and why you should care.

Max Mey

MTB Slopestyle

Nico von Lerchenfeld


Alex Aulbach


Marc Busch


what we actually do

Clean nutrition, reduced to the basics

It's that easy. We try to use as few and as natural ingredients as possible to give you our famous "no bs-bang for buck guarantuee".

What we also do

sharing the love

We believe that sharing is caring. And we care a lot. We're pretty much the care bears of great products. With every product you buy, you support an athlete who chases their dream...every day in and out. No fancy names but fancy dreams. That's how we roll.

For more info, just sign up to our equally well written and fun bruce-letter down below.

Our ridiculous label

the quest to never need to read the back of the label

Is it actually possible? We don't know - but we won't stop trying! We try to put everything you actually need to know about a product right on the front (and maybe a little on the sides because we don't have much free space left due to our enormous logo)

made in germany

and made by us

Nearly all ingredients are sourced and made into awesome products by us. We're based in germany and we love doing stuff ourselves. It's a lot of work and not always easy but we wouldn't have it any other way. Like the athletes, we believe in ourselves and we love. what. we. do.

all natural (that means vegan)

We try to find the best ingredients and bring them together in products as natural, functional and tasty as possible. We believe clean products should have as few ingredients as possible

so...what else do you guys believe in?

Made with grit & Love

That sentence is written on a wall in the office, and also on our in-store displays. All because it's Andy's (founder) personal motto and now we're stuck with it. But we've come to love it and while we are unsure if it makes much sense from a marketing point of view, we stand by it <3

we believe in


All the information you could ever want to know about a product - right on the front of the packaging. No turning around looking for a lable: Nutritional Values & Ingredients are where they belong - for you to see.

nutrition that is

Full value

All natural nutrition with ingredients you can actually pronounce. And since you don't want to be turning your food around to read tiny labels we put all ingredients right on the front of your products, where you can read them immediately.

proud to be

self made

That's why we are fascinated by athletes and all people who go after what they love. They are just like us - they started. They kept showing up. They got better and just didn't stop. They inspire us and we want to support them with your help.

Highly curated community feedback

Pretty good. (really)

That heavy duty energy bar is ridiculously good.

Anyone who's ever had one.



All over the EU! If you're not living in a country in the EU, let us know! If enough people want our product from your country or region, we will listen and we will find a way to serve you. For now though, only EU.

It depends on where you are: For German citizens 3-5 business days. for other EU countries, add 1-2 days.

work with us

If you're an athlete and want to be part of our team, first off: thank you for your interest! Secondly, please fill out the form here and we will get back to you.

You want to stock our products? That's great to hear. You can reach us here:

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Absolutely! (once the other products are back even better than before)

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