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Hey there. We are Strjve.

[  /strʌɪv/  ]

We are trying to build a community driven food company that develops great products, which athletes need and want - with your help. It's that easy. We try to use as few and as natural ingredients as possible to give you our famous "no bs-bang for buck guarantuee".

Who we are

We are a small but passionate team based in Germany, near Frankfurt. We are part of a family run food manufacturing business. This business is called ecoterra. Here we have been manufacturing sustainable high grade food products (mainly vegan, nut, fruit and grain based products) for over 15 years now. Close to a hundred employees are dedicated to sourcing the best ingredients we can find, developing great products (and supplier relationships along the way) and producing them.

And here it all started, when a professional Mountain Bike Slopestyler called Max walked through our doors wanted to create products athletes actually used professionally (as it turns out, it takes enormous amounts of clean energy to build your own dirt park and ride it all day long).

Strjve was born. And 41 attempts at an energy bar later, Max had his own bar.

Why we started Strjve

To support athletes, plain and simple. We have been supporting athletes and professional sports teams with clean food snacks for a while already. When we met Max, we realized how much effort some athletes put into their craft while being at the mercy of breaking through to sponsors to finance their lavish lifestyles of..buying food or paying rent. Or in Max's case, again, building his own dirt park.

Once we realized most nutrition in this space is not actually healthy, produced for cheap and prices are bloated up by exorbitant marketing spending, we felt something had to change.

We believe there is a way to make fair, sustainable, clean products that are actually beneficial to the end consumer. At the same time, these products should help people who give their very best day in and day out as they go after what they believe in. To achieve that, we do pretty much everything ourselves. It takes a while. It's hard. But like the athletes we work with: we won't give up.

With Grit & Love