Max Mey

Max Mey

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MTB Slopestyler & Professional Energy Bar Creator


This is the guy who started it all and the one you have to thank for the greatest energy bar of all time.

Who is Max? He's kind, he has holistic advice on life and recovery all the while secretly working his ass off at the same time.

He's great at what he does and yes, he actually built the ramps he jumps.

But not every journey starts out without some difficulties. Max literally built his way up and it was no different when it came to his own bar. As it turns out, throwing every "good" ingredient in an energy bar and munching down what can only be described as a bunch of Matcha powder around a smashed date, was not a good idea. We don't usually run for the bathroom during development..but sometimes you have to go through a Matcha desert for a while before finding your way back.

And so, after throwing nearly every good ingredient in an energy bar and getting rid of the Spirulina-Matcha-Combo-Wombo of death, we actually managed to produce a bar that is able to sustain Max during his crazy hour long park building and jumping activities (and now, it can also sustain you doing Non-Max-Things).

All in all, he's a great guy. Meet him, talk to him and try his bar (seriously). Now let's get to know him a little better:

Max, describe yourself in 3 words

Phew...I'm not kidding, that's probably the hardest question I've ever been asked.

How would you explain Slopestyle to a 3 year old?

I jump through the air with a bicycle.

How was it to create your own bar? How does it feel like biting into it?

It's the best culinary experience you can have. You can taste the amount of effort behind that bar in each bite and you can always count on it to deliver. Truly.

Worst Accident?

I flew to China for an Event. During training i broke my carpal bone. I flew back the same day.

Your most embarassing moment on a bike?

There are a lot..But the most hilarious things happen when you ride with friends. For example, once a buddy of mine put a german flag as a sticker on his helmet - upside down. No one told him until after the event.


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